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HDR. Reinvented.

Promote Control shoots automatic brackets of up to 45 images, with up to 9.0 EV step between shots. It can even automatically step into Bulb for night-time HDR!

  • Exposures from 1/8000 sec up to hours*
  • Mirror Lock-up support*
  • Adjustable delays between shots allow speeds up to 2.5 FPS*

  • (* with appropriate shutter cable)

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    Time-Lapse - now with HDR!

    Want to run a Time-Lapse? No problem. Want a Time-Lapse HDR? That's easy!

  • Optional start delay
  • Exposures can be set on camera or on the Promote
  • Time-lapse single shots or whole HDR brackets!

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    Focus Stacking

    Ingredients: one Canon DSLR, one Promote Control, lots of creativity. You are the chef!

  • Three focus step sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Shoot single exposures or HDR brackets
  • Set your start and end points, and Promote will do the rest!

  • Get focused

    Bulb Ramping with ISO control

    Ever wanted a Time-Lapse of a sunset, but couldn't get rid of heavy flicker? Welcome, we got you covered. Promote Control can also tweak ISO settings to help keep your shutter speeds within desired limits.

  • Calibrated individually for each camera, allowing exposures from 1/20 and up
  • Allows 2 ND filters (up to 10EV each)

  • How it works

    Total Solar Eclipse, Bulb Ramping + HDR Time Lapse by Alex Cherney.
    Shot with the Promote Control.

    Advanced One Shot

    Set your desired Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO - and fire away without touching your camera!

  • Manual Shutter hold mode *
  • Hyperfocal Calculator computes F-number for a desired hyperfocal distance

  • (* with appropriate shutter cable)

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    Video Control for Canon DSLR

    Remotely control your camera while recording:

  • Perform a rack focus
  • Start, stop, change exposure settings (Aperture / Shutter speed / ISO)

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    Pair It with Dollies, Pano and Motion Control Heads

    The Promote Control can be easily integrated with third-party devices to create

  • HDR and focused stacked panoramas
  • Mind-blowing motion Time Lapses and HDR Time Lapses

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    Second to None

    Promote Control is rugged, weatherproof and does not need any external devices! Just you and your camera.

  • Long battery life - up to 100 hours - on standard AA
  • Can be powered by an external AC adapter
  • Easily mounted on a tripod or hot shoe
  • Optional wireless activation

  • Convince yourself

    True professional's choice

    "I read about, tried it and am SOLD! The Promote Remote has helped my work flow by leaps and bounds."

    Nathan Enriquez - CEO, Get Your View.com

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    See what others can do with a Promote Control, and share your own creations in our Flickr group!

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    Build your own

    Tell us what camera you have, and what do you want to do with it - we will build a set specially for you!

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    Abu Dhabi Time-Lapse

    Made by Beno Saradzic of Time Sand Studios, this video is a gorgeous demonstration of what a Promote Control helps you do.

    Quick Start Guide

    This video will show you how easy it is to work with the Promote Control. Get started using Promote Control in no time!