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Integration with dollies, pano and motion control heads

Promote Control can be paired with third-party panoramic motorized heads to create HDR, focused stacked, 360° HDR and even focus stacked HDR panoramas. For example, many users successfully work with a combination of the Promote Control and the Gigapan EPIC Pro motorized head.

"The two units work amazingly well together. You can actually tether the EPIC Pro to the Promote and then the Promote to the DSLR camera. This allows you set up some automations, that would ordinarily be very tricky to do, like an HDRI gigapixel, a focused stacked gigapixel, or even a focused stacked HDRI gigapixel.”
Gavin Farrell, http://gavinfarrell.com/

For more details on how the two devices work together see the tutorials below and read our blog post.

Promote Control can easily be integrated with dollies and motion control heads to create motion time-lapses and hyperlapses

Note: To connect the Promote Control to your dolly/pano head, you will need a cable from your device's manufacturer compatible with Canon Rebel cameras.

Heart of Vancity: Motion time-lapse by Joel Schat Photography.
Shot with the Promote Control.


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