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Time-Lapse with optional HDR

Time-lapses and HDR time-lapses couldn't be easier than with the Promote Control. Make your still images come to life with a sequence of photos sped up to play as a video. Watch the clouds roll overhead, stars stream across the night sky, or cars and pedestrians mix and mingle on a busy intersection. The possibilities are endless. You control your exposure, how often the camera actuates, and how many frames to take. We won't limit you; you can even set your Promote Control to take an infinite number of photos. And if you want to leave your camera and return later, you can tell the Promote Control to wait and start your sequence at a specified time in the future. And with the ability to make your time-lapses HDR, you'll really love what you're able to create. Our goal is to make it easy for you to create great images.

Manchester Sunset: HDR Time Lapse by Joby Catto.
Shot with the Promote Control.